Ethical Statement.

At Conwy Brewery we are committed to produce natural, flavourful beers that minimise our impact on the environment.


Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Solar generation system on the roof of brewery which reduces electricity consumption by approximately 30%.

Spent Grain is re-used as cattle feed.

Waste Beer, Yeast & Hops & Wort is re-used in Anaerobic Digestion to generate Energy.

We use very little water in making our beer with 3 Litres of Water used to produce 1 Litre of beer, this is well below the industry standard of 5:1.

Our beers are Cask & Bottle Conditioned. This means very little cooling is required (cooling uses LOTS of energy).

No expensive chemicals & no Filtration (Filtration can produce as much as 20% waste beer, Not Good!)
By doing this we get better tasting beer as well as helping the environment.